Step by Step Scouts Group

Our Secondary pupils have the opportunity to join our Scout group.


This group is run weekly by a staff member within School who has been affiliated with the Scouting association and who has regular contact with our local Scout group, “1st Forest Row”.

We are special in that our troop is one of the first to keep us involved and informed of the events within the local community.

Scouts offers a fantastic and fun way to teach develop the fundamental skills of independence and daily living skills, as well as creating many social opportunities for our pupils.

We work on gaining Scout badges (tailored to the pupils.

Badges our pupils have achieved include:

  • Creative badge
  • Healthy eating badge
  • Health and fitness badge
  • Chef activity badge
  • Athlete activity badge
  • Animal friend activity badge
  • Nights away staged activity badge (Hindleap Warren)
  • Camp Craft Badge
  • Book Reader Badge
  • Cyclist Badge
  • International Activity Badge

Weekly activities are planned and form the focal part of each Scout session; they are motivating and fun. For example, we play active games (outdoors and indoors) and we link activities topic work within the curriculum.