Ofsted 2

Our 2015 OFSTED inspection judged our overall effectiveness as ‘Good’.

Key findings:

Quality of teaching – Outstanding

Achievement of pupils – Outstanding

Early years provision – Outstanding

“Outstanding teaching ensures that pupils learn exceptionally well. A highly effective blend of one-to outstanding achievement.

From their admission to the school, pupils make rapid progress which compares favourably not only with that found in other special schools, but also progress seen in mainstream schools.

The pupils benefit from an excellent curriculum which includes self-help skills, experience of literature, physical activities and social opportunities. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted exceptionally well.

Senior school leaders have ensured that only the highest quality staff work with the pupils. Close scrutiny of pupils’ progress and a constant drive to improve are threaded through all of the school’s work.

Pupils are happy and love coming to school. They attend well and make the most of all the opportunities they have. Their behaviour improves markedly over time and is outstanding.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is outstanding. Children make excellent progress and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Pupils are safe in school. Staff’s detailed knowledge of all pupils assures their well-being and minimises risk.”

Please see our latest 2015 OFSTED report in PDF format.