Mountainside drama for Step by Step Fundraisers

Staff from Step by Step found themselves at the centre of a mountain rescue when they undertook a mammoth fund-raising expedition.

Eight tuto climb the three highest peaks in the UK – Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon – within 24 hours.

They’d made it top of Ben Nevis and were on their way down when, in fading light, they came across an elderly couple who were exhausted, confused, and lost.

“Although we were in a rush to safety.

The couple knew they had no chance of getting down on their own, mt2and had thought they’d have to spend the night on the mountain, but they had no equipment or food, and were wearing only light clothes – so the risk of exposure would have been high.

When the elderly pair were in the safe hands of the emergency services, the Step by Step party rushed down to complete the trip by scaling Snowdon.