Dr Vincent Carbone returns to Step by step

We were very pleased to welcome Dr Vincent Carbone (BCBA-D) back to Step by Step in October.

Dr Carbone has over 35 years of experience designing learning environments for people with autism and development disabilities and his training is always inspirational and motivating.

Dr Carbone spent time in each class observing staff and pupils, interacting and offering comments and ideas. After the children had gone, the staff team received advanced training with Dr Carbone. vcarbone-smallHe was able to use his class-based observations to inform his training on specific strategies to promote pupil learning and spoke on topics which included:

  • Teaching in the natural environment for early, intermediate and advanced learners
  • Developing social skills and peer interactions
  • Teaching activities of daily living

The staff found the training very useful and they are already implementing ideas which are proving very effective for pupil progress. Dr Carbone wrote to us after his visit to tell us how great it was to work with our team again. He thanked us for the opportunity to work with us and said he thinks we are doing fine work.