Gayle Adam


  A huge congratulations to Vikki and Mark who completed a skydive on Sunday 12th June to raise funds for Step By Step School. They have been waiting to do this jump for two and a half years, so they were really pleased to finally get to do it and to have raised £572.80! They …

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Tough Mudder

A huge thanks to Andre and his partner Naomi for completing the tough mudder course on 19th September to raise money for the school.  By pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, running and overcoming obstacles they have raised in excess of £800 so far.  Well done to both of you and for your support …

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S4 and Scouts

Secondary 4 enjoyed their first trip to grow and have been busy planting seeds at school. At the allotment they picked some rhubarb and watered the plants. Well done S4!

S4 Basketball

S4 have been having fun outside in basketball group this term. From passing and catching to shooting some hoops the pupils have been demonstrating their amazing ball skills. Well done guys and keep active!

Volcanoes in Secondary!

This term secondary classes have been exploring ‘Volcanoes’ and within the to pour water and paint (for liquid examples), blowing up a balloon and watching at a boiling kettle (YouTube video- gas examples) and holding classroom and kitchen items (solid examples).    

Making Friends

The new term has seen some new friendships develop.  Two primary pupils have moved over the the secondary part of the school and have enjoyed being with their new classmates.  They have been undertaking activities together at the start of the year.

Fine Motor Skills

Gruffalo class have been working on their fine motor skills through a range of activities, connected to their topic this half term of The Ocean.  Well done, especially on the threading as this is a real challenge.  They have been really engaged during their group work sessions and are working very hard.  

The Allotment

Step By Step has a  new allotment in East Grinstead, which we have taken over the management of from this September.  Sixth form pupils have been toes and rhubarb so far.

Blacklands Farm

During the pandemic we have been utilising all available space and have undertaken lots of visits to go on the short trip with some different peers. It’s great for exercise and nature spotting.

NHS Rainbows

Our pupils in Rainbow class have been learning about rainbows with Sarah and their tutors.  They have made some rainbows, learning about colours and textures in support of all our NHS and key workers during this time. Well done team, they look great and a lovely message from you all.

Visit to Tilgate Park

On the 12th March Rainbows Class visited Tilgate Park and went to see the animals there.  They all had a fabulous time and remembered to go and wave at the otters for Gayle, as she loves them.  This was Rocky’s first class outing and he did amazingly well.

Step By Step Research

We hosted our second school conference in January 2020. This provided an opportunity for three of our staff who have completed their ABA MSc tors. Please see our conference schedule for more details on the talks presented. Well done to everyone who presented! Speaker   Title Rachael E Model Teachers or Model Students? A Comparison …

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Work Experience Success

The school is building up it’s contacts with local businesses in order tor and has fed back the following: It is a pleasure tor.   You and your staff have been to learn simple transferable tasks far outweigh the small amount of time commitment required. If you would be interested in offering a work placement tor, …

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History Week

The week beginning the 13th January was History Week at Step by Step.  The focus was on the moon landings.  Pupils got to take part in an assembly, where they watched some actual footage, practiced their best moonwalks, learnt about astronauts and the planets.  There was a sensory planets experience set up in the cabin …

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NASS Conference

Gayle, Faye and Clare were able to give her perspective on her world and experiences at school.  It was very heart-warming. We were able to network with other schools and share our ideas and our current priorities.  A good couple of days all round.  

School Shop Official Launch

We were delighted to see so many pupils and families celebrating this with us, even the weather didn’t dampen our spirits! Huge thanks to John, who was a big hit with pupils and staff and we hope he visits the school again soon.  

Hindleap Warren

Three of our classes participated in a residential overnight at Hindleap Warren this term.  The pupils got to all the staff who assisted with the trips and staying overnight and the pupils for making it so enjoyable.  

The School Shop is open for business

We are delighted that our new school shop is finally open for business, although we will be having an official launch before the end of term with the Deputy Mayor of East Grinstead.  It has been amazing seeing the pupils serving custo everyone for getting the shop up and running but particularly Izzy.

30 Days Wild

As part of the 30 days Wild campaign, our pupils have been engaged in nature and physical activities.  We have had the pleasure of watching our very hungry caterpillars form into see this amazing phenomenon of a unique life cycle. For an in depth look at our  30 Days Wild Activities, please look at the …

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